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Follow the Flowers
Search for all four flower stickers to claim a free take home planting kit

Search throughout the centre for four big flower stickers, note down each of their colours and go to the Redemption pod on Level 1 near Myer and Swarovski to claim your free grow-at-home planting kit. The early bird gets the worm so don't miss out.


We have included some hints to get you started on your hunt.

Hint 1: Find the first flower on ground level just a hop and a step from a book store. 

Hint 2: Go up the escalators to the top floor and you will find the second flower near the popular sports store.

Hint 3: Walk west from here to find the flower near a store that is universal.

Hint 4: From here head down a level to the big store with a red bullseye to find your final flower. 


Redemption Pod

Located on Level 1 near Myer & Swarovski

Opening Hours: Monday - Saturday 9am - 4:30pm

  Sunday 10am - 3.30pm


Download your copy of the Celebrate Spring map here to help with your search for the four flowers and for all things floral including The Grand Central Floral Parade, Mini Beasts and lots more. 


Terms and Conditions apply. See here for details.


COVID-19 Disclaimer: Remember to maintain a 1.5m distance from other visitors and use the hand sanitiser provided. If you are unwell please stay at home. 


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