Paying for Parking

Any customers who have parked for less than three hours will not be required to pay for parking, and can proceed directly to the exit. The ticketless payment system will recognise your vehicle’s licence plate and the boom gate will open automatically.

If required, payment for parking will be able to be made:

- at car park exit barriers using credit card
- at pay stations located at all lobby entrances via cash or credit card*
- via automatic charge to a credit card by registering online at
* A 10¢ transaction fee will apply for each credit card transaction. 

Spend over $150 per visit for free parking. Please see our Customer Service Desk with your name, car registration number and receipts during trade hours on the same day as your transaction/s.

Parking is free for customers who enter our facilities after 6pm.

If you have any questions or concerns about the ticketless parking system at Grand Central please call 4632 5866

All Day Parking
For customers who live outside of Toowoomba and plan to shop and spend more than three hours at the Centre, Grand Central are providing an option for all-day parking in an allocated rooftop zone at a discounted rate.

To register for all-day parking click here


Ticketless parking

Ticketless parking uses licence plate recognition to track parking without the need for a paper ticket, providing a streamlined entry and exit system for Grand Central customers.


On entry, a camera will recognise licence plate details and a digital screen will display each vehicle’s arrival time. Vehicles will not be required to stop as tickets will not be issued.


Upon exiting, customers will stop at the boom gates while the camera scans the license plate details and calculates the time spent and if any costs are incurred. If customers have been under 3 hours the boom gates will automatically open and no action is required. If customers have paid at the pay stations or scanned their validation bar code (from Customer Service, or the cinema ticket barcode) the boom gates will automatically open also. If payment is required, a credit card can be scanned at the boom gates, however it is advised to check and pay at pay stations where possible.

Disability Parking Permits
Parking is free for customers who have a disability parking permit and register with us. Please see our Customer Service Team during trade hours, with your permit, photo I.D and license plate number. The registration process can take 24 hours to finalise, however you will be supplied with a pass for the day of enquiry.