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A tasty tea-ser from The Tea Centre!
April is the tastiest month at The Tea Centre.
Published 05 April
The Tea Centre

Did you know that you can enjoy a free tea tasting sample every time you visit The Tea Centre? Throughout April, we’ll be putting the kettle on and serving out free samples of the following teas from our COVID-safe thermos:

Week starting April 5
We’re making the return to work easier this week by offering soothing samples of our most blissful teas: Cream Black and Anti Stress. 

Cream Black is a dairy-free vanilla and caramel black tea blend that will keep you feeling warm and cosy throughout the day. Anti Stress is for our herbal tisane lovers who are looking to relax with a unique blend of citrus notes and dried spices. 

Week starting April 12
Make way for one of the most exciting teas currently on the market! Bohemian Blue is a vividly blue brew that is The Tea Centre’s unique take on the butterfly pea tea trend. Expect an experience as well as a taste bud explosion when sipping on this zesty beverage. 

As for our more traditional tea lovers, East India Earl Grey will also be ready and waiting! This limited-edition brew elevates the classic earl grey with Indian spices to give tea drinkers a truly magical new sip.

Week starting April 19
A tea that’s so good, we’re allowing you to taste it two weeks in a row! Bohemian Blue will be in the spotlight again and joined this time by the classic French Earl Grey.

Like a warm hug, this popular loose leaf blend has all the makings (bergamot, black tea, rose flowers, apricot, and mango) to make you feel happy and cosy all week long. 

Week starting April 29
Don’t let the name fool you; Tea For Sunday is a popular blend that you can taste throughout the week starting on April 29! Joining this subtly sweet tea will be our top bestseller, the Stockholm Blend.

This signature tea combines zesty orange and soft apricot with bold black tea leaves to give you a delicious blend you can’t resist.  

Week starting May 3
Just in time for Mother’s Day! If you’re shopping for a last-minute gift, be sure to try our teas of the week: Miss Grey and Turkish Delight. 

Treat Mum to the unforgettable citrus twist in Miss Grey (our version of Lady Grey) or the aromatic Turkish Delight—our sweetest of teas that’s almost too good to share! 

Alternatively, give Mum the best of all worlds with ‘The Beautifully Black’; a treasure trove of our finest black tea blends encased in a gorgeous wooden tea box. Now available in all Tea Centre stores.