Dressing For Working From Home
Working in your PJ’s may have its advantages, but is it really the best way for you to stay focused and productive?
Published 02 April

So your office has moved to your living room; you’ve been forced into separation from your work wife. Connecting with your colleagues is called zoom and its minus the pretty filters of Instagram. 
And to top it all off, the dress code that kept your daily wardrobe choices on the straight and narrow is suddenly non-existent! 

Working in your PJ’s may have its advantages, but is it really the best way for you to stay focused and productive or is it likely to lull you into a false sense of reality where a working week day will feel more like a lazy Sunday morning under the covers. 

In our opinion, getting dressed for work is actually really great for a few reasons. 

  • Firstly it’s a very effective way to help you shift your home (and your head) space into a work space as often one of the most challenging aspects about working from home can be separating the two as they can easily feel like they are morphing into one.
  • Secondly, it’s been proven (yes it’s a thing) that getting dressed for work increases not only your productivity and focus but also and importantly, confidence in what you do. 
  • Thirdly, it will help you avoid the dreaded style rut and keep you in routine, and in times of unease, a little bit of ‘normal’ goes a really long way in helping you make these necessary adjustments.

So, lets get dressed! We are here to help you navigate your way around what your new work wardrobe can look like. Just think, this could be a whole new version of you! You're welcome...

Our first piece of advice before we kick off on the style files…. Remember, the camera is on

Many of us are using platforms like Zoom for our conference calls and on line meetings. While you have the option of turning the video function off, its’ not ideal when you are in a meeting with others, so, at the very least, make an effort to dress appropriately… and fully – there have been a few horror stories reported…. we don’t need to say anymore.

Keep it on the smart side of casual 
Smart casual is one of those illusive fashion terms that can be really hard to interpret, so here is our take on it with a simple example.  
Casual, is jeans and a tee.
Smart Casual is Jeans, a tee, a blazer and a pair of loafers or brogues (on hand). 
In most situations you will find that adding one piece to elevate your outfit for the day will be the easiest way to approach this dress code. 
Most of the employers out there won’t be too focused on how you dress for work, as much as they will be focused on you getting the work done and If you think ahead and a shirt and tie or a blazer is required, you can keep these on hand for those visual catch ups and make a quick change if necessary. 
Every situation is different, so use your fashion common sense, but keep comfort in mind…. There has to be some perks right, Maybe think jeans, a tee, a blazer…. and some comfy slippers  

The key pieces 
Of course there will be some variation on these items depending on your personal style and preference but here are our top picks and suggestions:

  • Denim will be a staple - comfy, practical and pretty much goes with everything.
  • A great pair of black leggings.
  • A button down shirt - think the classic white shirt with the perfect collar and a statement cuff. Wear it with your denims or over sized with your favourite black leggings – comfort and style never felt so good.
  • An elevated blouse – up the anti a little; a silk blouse is a great consideration; fresh on the eyes and soft on the skin.
  • The perfect knit. Keep it a little cosy, especially as the days get cooler. Also knits are super versatile
  • A blazer and for the gents keep a tie or a pocket square ready to go just in case the corporate flyers require some traditional ‘office attire’ or for those who just prefer to dress it up both in and outside the home.
  • A handful of basic and graphic tees. Versatile, comfortable and the easiest choice of your day.
  • Drop the ‘smart’ for ‘casual Fridays’. In such unprecedented times, we all need a day where we can think less about dressing with the ‘office’ in mind and more about dressing without the pressure.  Try and make Friday a day for minimal to no visual interfacing client meetings and pop on your sweats for a day.

There is no doubting that the clothes we wear have an influence our mood and keeping ourselves positive and feeling confident during this unprecedented time is more important than ever, remember to be kind to yourself and have some fun experimenting with your new work wardrobe. 


'How to dress when working from home' has been written by Grand Central's Digital Runway Stylist, Jenni Sellan

jenni sellan

As a stylist, Jenni's philosophy is 'nothing less than chic’ and her determination is to create a space that inspires confidence using fashion as the springboard in a way that is relevant, fun, sometimes fierce hopefully thought-provoking and always through a stylish eye. 

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