Carnival Dog Runway
Grand Central's Dog Fashion Parade is an exciting event to highlight the communities love of their pooches, while showcasing the great dog fashion available in Centre.
Published 14 October

Grand Central's Dog Fashion Parade is an exciting event to highlight the communities love of their pooches, while showcasing the great dog fashion available in Centre.

Part of the greater celebration for the 70th year of Toowoomba's Carnival of Flowers, the Community Stage hosted an array of local acts and performance; a sneak peek at the amazing Korean Dance troupe, as well as the much-anticipated Dog Fashion Runway.

The beautiful dogs modelled a range of clothes from Peter Alexander, Just Crazy Bargains, Typo, Supanews Newsagent, Big W, Best & Less and Kmart...and from our fashion retailers Cosmetics Plus (supplying flowers), Cotton On and Lovisa (both supplying beautiful silk scarves - perfect for pet and owners alike!)

Meet the gorgeous pups below:



Truman is a three year old male Kelpie who was a rescue from RSPCA Toowoomba. He loves going running, riding on a motorbike, long car drives and hiking. He also loves to share a swag with his owner while camping, and his absolute favourite animals are pigs! The way to his heart is through food. 



Ninja is an eight year old male Maltese Shih Tzu. He’s a fan of sleep-ins on the weekend, and visits to the beach. He loves to go on walks and to play tag with his Rottweiler sister at the dog park. 



Blu is a male Cattle Cross and is nearly three years old. He found his owner through Off The Chain K9 Rescue. He likes to go to the park to meet other dogs and play with his ball and frisbee, and loves an occasional expedition to the beach! If you don’t throw the ball for him, he’s known to throw it himself and chase it. Blu loves a scratch on the chest and giving people sloppy kisses.


Penny & Eevee

Penny is a five year old female Rough / Scotch Collie. She likes to play fetch, tag, chase and tug-of-war. She loves humans, and people are always commenting on her ‘Lassie-like’ features. She’s undoubtedly a lady – she’s a kind soul who just wants to play and makes everyone around her smile. Interesting facts – her favourite toy is her squeaky raccoon; and she doesn’t run – she bounds like a deer!
Eevee is a four year old female Shetland Sheepdog who loves to play chase with Penny and go on park adventures. Eevee is a pocket rocket – tiny, but with an enormous personality! Very sassy, but a perfect lady in public. She’ll do anything for food, and will often steal Penny’s toys and hide them.

penny eevee

Benji Boy

Gorgeous one year old cavoodle Benji likes to go on ‘coffee dates’ with his human parents on the weekend, and doesn’t mind getting dressed up! He loves chewing, and often destroys soft toys within minutes of getting them. Benji’s favourite treat is blueberries.


Benson & Bonnie

Pembroke Welsh Corgis Benson and Bonnie are regulars at Grand Central’s Santa pet photography sessions, and they’re stepping it up this year to feature in Grand Central’s first ever Dog Fashion Parade! Three year old Queen Bonnie and two year old King Benson attend dog shows with their friends on weekends, and they love to camp. They also love toys that squeak! Special talents – Benson can ‘beg’ on his hind legs, and Bonnie will ‘play dead’ on command.

benson bonnie


Evie is a one year old female Husky who loves to swim in her doggy pool, even in winter, and who has fun chasing birds. On weekends, you’ll find her exploring new places – and her excitement levels peak if those new places have water! Evie likes fluffy toys, although by all reports, they don’t last long.


Teddy & Bear

Three year old Rottweiler brothers Teddy & Bear are the best of friends and love going on adventures together.

Teddy likes going for walks and loves his squeaky toys! He’s the strong silent type, but loves cuddles and belly scratches. He and his brother Bear are inseparable.

Bear also loves going for walks, and likes to play ball and chase. He loves everyone and is quite excitable! He’s partial to snuggles and scratches.

 teddy bear


Bentley is a one year old male Standard Poodle. When he’s not participating in Neighbourhood Watch, you might see him cruising around Toowoomba in the car. He loves to catch up with his friends at the local dog park every afternoon to chat about their day, and his best friend is Digby the Daschund. Bentley enjoys pamper days at the salon getting a haircut, and his mum Georgia says he gives the best bear hugs around!



Grand Central would like to thank all pet owners who nominated their dogs (we wish we could include all of them!) and a big heart-felt thanks to the owners of the lucky 12 dogs who walked the runway on Saturday 21 September. 

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