Dressing for Carnival time
It's Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers time! Look your stylist best while enjoying this beautiful time of year.
Published 19 September

The Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers; The time of year when the ‘garden city’ is adorned with “en masse” floral displays and the parklands come to life with live tunes, food and wine, spectacular blooms and entertainment. Think of it as a picnic like no other.

When planning your outfit for the carnival the key to successfully piecing it altogether will be the three C’s. Casual. Chic, & Comfort and there is no need to go into wardrobe crisis or meltdown because we’ve done all the hard work for you, so keep reading for your monthly dose of style inspiration for the outdoor soiree of the season.

Meet our Models

Featuring in Grand Central’s latest digital runway are local husband and wife duo Tyla and Ben Yong from Social Palms and Roger, Hayley and Scarlett Mason from Settler Hives.

Ben started his journey making fun and quirky videos, while Tyla is an online marketing ‘nerd’ who heads up an online women’s community She The Roar. They have started a new local business, Social Palms, offering social media expertise and digital content creation.

Roger and Hayley and their daughter Scarlett are the family unit behind local business Settler Hives. Inspired by their love for backyard beekeeping, the family turned to sourcing, packaging and selling seeds.


It’s time to have some fun! Try something a little different from the everyday chino’s and denim jeans that have been your winter staples and consider a cool tailored pant, a classic white tee and a pair of braces – #bestdressed

Fresh white sneakers will continue to be your friend, but for those wanting to sharpen their look, consider a boat shoe, brogue or loafer.

If you are opting for shorts, block colours are best as you can play with an array of colour and experiment with bold prints on top.

For the classically inclined, summer linens will always be a winner. Both understated and stylish, they are undoubtedly a staple for all seasons.

Remember hats and sunglasses will be your best accessory …complete with a dash of sunscreen and a side of flowers for your love #chivalryisnotdead


For the Mini’s

in your life, springtime is all about playtime so have fun with colour, and look for creative details; metallic stripes, ruffles and frills & layers of chiffon.

Find ways to add a little bit of personalised sparkle to match their personalities and don’t’ be afraid to play with unexpected combinations – think pretty in pink with a pop of leopard print…. remember springtime is playtime.

If you’re looking for ideas on what to wear this weekend, pop by Grand Central’s digital runway. It’s located on Level 1 of the centre’s fashion hub, the Retail Galleria.


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