Power of the Flower
Published 30 August

From the humble little flower has grown a juggernaut festival success story that has brought recognition, community-spirit and tourists by the drove to the Toowoomba region. The power of the flower has truly reached epic proportions for this town, our people and our economy.

Flowers are also about the cycle of life. From a seed, they push through the dirt, soak up rain and sunshine and bud into stunning floral displays. However, that is only the beginning of the power of the flower.

Flowers will then go on to feed so many…from birds and bees, to native and farm animals, right through to appearing directly on our plates. Within that, and arguably just as significant, is the cycle that bees also bring to the table.

Over the years, the worlds' relationship between bees and their sword-wielding behinds, has finally turned from foe to friend…and rightly so.

And really, with their little stripes and tiny pollen ‘baskets’, they are just so darned cute.

Enter Settler Hives> - a wonderful mix of the power of the bees and the power of the flower.

This wonderfully unique duo (and a half…we can’t forget 2-year-old Scarlett) fell in love with bees and were determined to find ways to nurture them, and their dream of working together as a family unit. Their lightbulb moment saw them turn to sourcing, packaging and selling seeds perfect for our little striped friends and human friends alike.

Hayley and Roger Mason are passionate about bees, but they take their responsibility of serving them seriously. This is not about everyone having bees (there is a nasty global phenomenon called ‘colony collapse disorder’ that requires diligence and knowledge to ensure disease isn’t spread to other colonies) but rather how we can best support bees, nature and ourselves.

Their true goal is to simply inspire our time with our human hive...and preferably that time sees us enjoying the “outdoors life altogether”.

Settler Hives, we found, are intrinsically linked to the very nature of a bee hive – they are a tight knit unit, they work together for a common-good and they inspire us to bee outdoors.

Find the Mason family featured in the Grand Central Spring Magazine out now.

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