Apple a Day
This applie treat will delight the senses.
Published 25 June
They do say an apple a day keeps the doctor away…but perhaps this one is better suited to treat day! 

This cute-as-a-button Apple Delight from our friends at PassionTree Velvet is causing much ado with it’s sweet looks and delectable taste!

With flavours influenced by the warm, fuzzy feeling of a homey apple pie and looks inspired by the green apple itself, this cake is not to be missed (it is only on the menu for a limited time!)

Did we mention this cake is also gluten free?! The Apple Delight features a cinnamon spice, caramelised apple centre surrounded by apple cream mousse and coated in white chocolate atop a sable base. Crack open the white chocolate to enter the apple dream…oh my!

This cake is truly the apple of our eye - pop by and try one today!
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