Kids Take the Runway
The kids have taken over the runway showcasing the latest cool looks in fashion.
Published 04 April

DENIM ON DENIM, sweatpants and blazers; fairy dresses, unicorns and high-tops.
Fashion is meant to be fun and when it comes to dressing the babes, half the adventure is throwing the rules out the window, because little girls wearing pretty dresses still love to jump in puddles and rule their world and the well- dressed boy will always be a superhero underneath his Sunday best.

This season there is a delicious offering of warm honey pot hues reminiscent of a traditional palette that speaks of outdoor adventure and exploration and for those who can only envisage an explosion of colour and splattering’s of glitter and glitz, the promise of rainbow reflections are there to delight.

The hard part when it comes to shopping for the cherubs is in the choosing and while having options isn’t the worsts problem to have, without restraint they can drain the bank account faster than you can say ‘the flash’ so to help you keep your personal economy in tact, and your ‘mini me’s’ ready for the new season, read on for some simple ideas to inspire you as the temperature drops and we transition into the cooler seasons, where knowing how to dress the kids appropriately feels like a guessing game that never ends, when its too hot for a woolen jumper and too cold for a tee.

The easiest way to dress in these transitional seasons is to think in layers. Layers, layers, layers. They will truly be your best friend and cover you for the very real possibility of experiencing 4 seasons in one day.

For the boys:

  • Throw on one of this season’s long sleeve checkered shirts over a must have graphic tee and a great pair of jeans or chinos, tying it around the waist when the temperature rises. Of course its sneakers again with everything but don’t overlook a great pair of boots or a fun pair of gumboots for rainy days for the little man in your life.
  • For a special event, and the ultimate cool guy style, swap out the traditional shirt and consider a blazer for your little man. A great option to have in their wardrobe when something a little dressier is required and a piece that can be worn over both shirts and tees. Think cool classics!
  • For the days that are filled with adventure, you can’t go past a hoodie and a great pair of sweats and of course they are great for mixing and matching with other pieces. Versatility is key when it comes to getting the most out of their wardrobes.

For the girls:

  • Girls just want to have fun! Tutu’s over denim, unicorn headbands and gumboots that reveal stripy socks! For the girl who needs a little frill in her life but the weather requires something warmer, satisfy her inner party girl by mixing it up. Go against tradition and let the tutu reign!
  • Layering is still your not so hidden secret for your minis; denim jackets, shirts over tees, and yes let’s go there again, tutus over denim!
  • Summer dresses can be given new life when you bring layering into the picture; a denim jacket, a long line cardigan and boots, a tee shirt underneath a tank style strap. Extend their wardrobes as much as you can to maximize your options.
  • Lets be honest, not all girls want to wear dresses, so invest in different shades of denim and have a good selection of short and long sleeve tees on hand. A chambray shirt can be a great way of ‘dressing’ them up a little without them feeling too girly and a pair of boots will give a more elevated feel than the sneaker.
Top image:
Audrey, 5 | Target - Outfit | Cotton on Kids - Shoes | Harper Bee - Backpack
Hlly, 6 | Kmart - Outfit & Skateboard | Cotton on Kids - Shoes





For the tweens and the teens in your life, there are some great options available. A pair of sneakers is a given and denim the universal style code. Giving your teen a measure of freedom in their shopping is key and expression of personal style can be achieved by playing with accessories. Its always a good idea to have a ‘chat’ before you the shopping trip begins to establish some guidelines and boundaries and if you are shopping on their behalf, choose the stores with the best return policies and take home plenty of options in a variety of styles and colours.


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