Accessories to steal the show
Find the ultimate accessory to add a little bit of flair and a whole lot of fabulous.
Published 14 November

SOME will instantly add centimetres in height to your frame, even inches and others the heaven sent solution to a monumentally bad hair day; Most certainly the accessory of the moment and perfectly positioned in the season of spring racing, parties and events, hair accessories and ornamentation in all of their various forms are the ultimate path to a little bit of flair and a whole lot of fabulous.

From fascinators steeped in 17th Century European tradition worn for allure and mystique, to pearl encrusted and jewelled hair pins, (the perfect anecdote for those pesky fly aways) embellished rhinestone headbands and flower crowns; from the lavish and the bold to the subtle and subdued, each piece is a statement unto itself speaking to your individual personality and style, elevating every mood and outfit.

No longer reserved for brides or royal weddings, when vogue calls hair accessories out as the treasure trove of adornments you know you need them in your life. And while the spring racing carnival certainly calls for a little more extravagance than Sunday brunch every piece has it’s place and its’ calling you for the perfect occasion.
Yes. It’s time to politely take over some more space from your beloved’s wardrobe, because when vogue speaks…we listen.

A few rules of style: (because its not every day you wear a crown)

1. When preparing for a special occasion ensemble, take your outfit shopping with you for the perfect pairing. Headpieces (like earrings) can be problematic when it comes to returns

2. Fascinators  - try wearing on the side. The fascinator should be placed just above either your right or left eyebrow. #technicality

3. When coordinating colours, you don’t have to go all “matchy matchy “with your outfit. Lipstick, nail polish and handbags can all be used to pick up the colour or colours in your headpiece #playtime

4. Always wear headbands slightly forward on your hairline, don’t draw them too far back

5. If your headpiece is embellished, let it stand out on it’s own, don’t over do it with other accessories. Treat it like statement jewellery. #lessismore

Hero Image: Slink or Swim pouch from Mimco

Find your next perfect accessory in-centre today and steal the show this party season!

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